Red[a/ka] is horizontal axis which would become [a/wa] bubbles.
Blue[a/o] is vertical axis.
Blue[a/o] is made from indigo[a/i] but it become bluer than indigo.
Because the navy blue[ko/n] connects the base, we learn the existence of blue[a/wo].
Yellow[ki] is rare thing such as diagonally becomes a start of the dotting ripple.

Across a roaring stream of water, high pitched birdsong can be occasionally heard.
Kanoko throws away the stone washed in the flow and rounded and thinned to complete smoothness, so that
the stone can hit the water’s surface.
The stone skips with a rebound, against the flow of the river, hits the rock, and is crushed in splinters.


1974 January 29th born
2003 Graduated B-semi Lerning System
2005:Selected to the achievement in “Shell Art Award”
2010 :Golden competition (Turner Color) Award

Group Exhibitions
1998:”Rakushikai”, Shouseian Gallery, Kyoto
2000:” MTC”, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo
2000: “Sukimakiss”, B-semi Learning System, Kanagawa
1996?2003:”Danke Osaka” 3rd ~ 10th, Osaka and Tokyo
2001:34th B-semi Exhibition, “Sankadachi on the map”,Yokohama citizen gallery, Kanagawa
2002:35th B-semi Exhibition, “Hotel Seagull”, Yokohama citizen gallery, Kanagawa
2003:35th B-semi Exhibition, “Dog’s Ear”, Yokohama citizen gallery, Kanagawa
2004:”The First Step ★ FOR KIDS”Art cottage [papiru], Tokyo
2007:”Expressionist pep rally”, Namura Shipyard site,Osaka
2008:”Shokudou Buiding 1929-Eat and Modern art part4″,BANKART NYK,Yokohama ART Noren street, Kanagawa
2008:”KOSHIKI ART EXHIBITION 2008″,Kagosima
2009: [GEISAI12] exhibit to”GEISAI#12″,Tokyo Big Sight,Tokyo
2009:[Xmas+night],Blanclass, Kanagawa
2010 :「100Artisuto Exhibition」Ouchi Gallery,NY
2010:「Post it show ! 」,Ouchi Gallery,NY
2010:[GionSakura],Teiko okada+ototokotobako,Blanclass, Kanagawa
2010 : almanac9 “depositors meeting 8″,art & river bank,Tokyo

Solo Exhibition
2002:”Song of which it thinks in The moon”, B-semi Learning System, Kanagawa
2007:”-To the sea–River descending- Yamahiko7・2・7(Temporary)”,BANKART NYK, Kanagawa
2009:[Boccie it is piece how many],Blanclass, Kanagawa
2010:”and that the tree” BANKART NYK, Kanagawa
2010:「It is a tree)」Ouchi Gallery,NY