Memory left for matter. We listen the memory from the vibration of the matter, and the theater appears. Attempt of play for listening by sound device of physical electric beginning, computer, and one actor. Sound and thing of life. And, tragedy not seen of leaving there. Scenery of happiness. What is an old unknown world that comes to the surface like ghost? We ask the life and the memory of here/now.
performer:Kenji OHARA


Toshimitsu NAKAGAWA

Born in Kanagawa. Graduated from Department of Painting Oil Painting Course at Tama Art University. he has been activite mainly in the computer music production and sound art production. Recent performance with own electronic instruments using graphite pencil was selected to “Tokyo Wonder Site EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2010 “. In other related events in Daikanyama Installation 2009 “hair prayer flame”( +ING 2009) and exhibition ” CityBeats + Live explosions ” ( BankArt1929 2010) and BlanClass “+ night” and more .


Born in 1983, he studied composition to Matsuki Watamura and Joji Yuasa.He handles the stage&film music, composition of the work for the concert and production of play expression that exceeds genre. In 2007, he held “Music exhibition -composer, Hiromu Yamaguchi- ” at Suntory Hall (small hall). In 2010, he was selected to ”Tokyo Wander Site EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART &PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2010″. The main work includes “clio” for string quartet, Media Performance ” End of Innumerable world”.The works is presented inside and outside the county. He is on the register in Nihon University College of Art the graduate school now.

Kenji Ohara
Born in 1983, May 3, coming from.Kochi. His hobby is movie watching and playing guitar. Kendo first grade. He was born and grow up in Kochi, and went to Tokyo after it had graduated of the high school. After the scout was done as a model in 2005, he was interested in acting and determined to become the actor. He recruits the volunteer by oneself every day and is producing the image work while appearance to an independent movie etc. aggressively.