The ground bounces back the floating body.
The body bounces back the falling ground.
Bouncing back is the sole connection.

The hand detaches, that’s because there is no wall
The floor missteps, that’s because there is no feet

Seeing becomes pinning
when there is nothing to hold on to.
When contact does not guarantee anything.


Zen-go(Shinichi Takashima + Megumi Kamimura)
Founded on May Day, 2011 by Shinichi Takashima and Megumi Kamimura. “Zen-go” is a peculiar Japanese word in that it means “front & back” (spatial segment) and also “before & after” (temporal segment). They deal with human body, objects, and words aiming at maintaining a balance between improvisation and composition, and building a vanishing point between the battle for survival and the mutual cooperation.

Artist, born in Tokyo 1978. He has been creating performance and video works since 2003. His motivation derives from the floating feeling (sensation of zero-gravity) which is gained by treating his own body materially and functionally. Major solo exhibitions; “One foot on the moon” (05), “These fallish things” (08) (Gallery Objective Correlative, Tokyo). Major group exhibitions; “Body as Interimage” (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, 09), “Weather and LifetimeーInstallation of a crick, Transportation by paralysis” (Asahi Art Square, Tokyo, 10).

Dancer/Choreographer. Started ballet training in her childhood. Since 2004 she has presented her solo works in various places in Japan and abroad. Kamimura Megumi Company was founded in 2006. In 2010 she was selected as a finalist of Toyota Choreography Award. Kamimura’s approach to space, her creation of movements that are at the same time simple and intense, gained her wide attention in the Japanese theater and dance world.