Crazy Hat and Long Ears(Saki AKIYAMA / Ryouko IWATA)[merci!a meal]
crazy hat and long ears is a unit that consists of two people- Saki Akiyama and Ryoko Iwata. Concept「nomanner」:Behaving done to make the place the one better.It goes to show daily life that do not go so that we may usually show it. It is lovely ,It is happy ! Everyone has seen of every cooking program once. It is felt that a natural one for the cooking program is reversely unnatural for us. We paid attention to the part and it produced.

2008 GEISAI#11:Tokyo Big Site【prize】Carol Yinghua Lu award
2009 Image independent exhibition Bank ART Studio NYK  【prize】BankART award/Spooky Action at a Distance :Black&Blue Gallery in Australia
2010 pareru piruremu poreriremu exhibition:TURNER GALLERY / full course:BankART Studio NYK

Yukako KAIWA + Satoko SHIBA

Seitaro KOKUBO [Composition for sound and image No.1]
Born in 1989.
2008 Nihon University College of Art Department of Cinema Image Arts and Science Course

I perform the composition that I composed. This time, this process is processed with the computer, and it is output as a sound and an image. I want to share the space made from the interaction of my work and the spectator.

Jung-hee KIM [The Wall]
In the morning, I often have this strange and little scary feeling like I’m the only living creature in this whole universe only surrounded by the walls of my room. Have you felt the same? Is this one of the symtoms of loneliness for ‘men of today’? I’d like think about it through a performance.

1986 Born in South Korea
2007 L’Ecole Atelier Chardon Savard, Paris
2009 Tokyo College of Photography, Tokyo
2010 Group Exhibition 「On Beach」, Gallery Mestalla, Tokyo

Hatsune SUGANO[a killer whale’s song]
Is this a message song of fisherman family’s?But they were killed by a killer whale’tail.And who are you when you are in this song?I have to think too.

1989 I was born in Saitama
2008† I became a staudent of Tokyo Zokei Universary’s class of picture class.†Now, I’m in 3rd class.I always use words in my works.So I’m singing now

Yu SAKAMOTO [2/Twice]
 Recording media such as CD that can be repeated sound and stable. Now, you can play time and anywhere. But what we have repeated the same time? In addition, we will be repeating the same thing on so many ? This “one-time / can not happen twice, ” I would like to think in the form of live music devoted to the performance.

Born in 1985
Tokyo Zokei University,Faculty of Arts,Disign school ID

2007 「ToaruGroup Exhibition」 (Galerie Juillet)
2009 「Who is the leading actor ? Ver.3」 (Tokyo Polytechnic University)
2009 「Industrial Cooperation Project Exhibition」 (AXIS GALLERY)
2010 「Biomimicry Exhibition」 (Tokyo Zokei University)

Mitsuru TOKISATO, [M2M”SHIRITORI20110326″]
I would like to show you a A/V chat communication software based artwork
M2M“SHIRITORI” which automatically shiritori with three computer machines. No
one can expect what words come out from them,but I would like to observe that
M2M“SHIRITORI” continue shiritori blindly among themselves with you all.

1990 Born in Japan.
2010 graduated international academy of media arts and science(IAMAS) DSP
2010 Tama Art University Transfer Year 3.
2009 “HOME PARTY” Exhibition (2009) / Songwon Art Center (Seoul, Korea)
2009 “Hiroshima Art Project Gil round treasure”Exhibition (2009) / Yoshizima everywhere (Hiroshima)