I try to talk about my uncertain thought about contemporary art.
Relational Aesthetics, post-products, postcolonial, Claire Bishop,
Okwui Envezor, political correctness, post exhibition, Hans-Ulrich
Obrist, archives, Marathon, de-consumerisms, …
Maybe, some guests and some dangerous liquids.


Atsushi SUGITA
art critic. alternative space, art & river bank director. Joshibi
university of art and design, college of art and design, professor. A
recent book, “nano thought”(sairyusya), “art is life, life is
art”(bijyutsu syuppann), “art platform”. “inter-views” (both bigaku
syuppann) will be published. Portuguese contemporary art exhibition
directed by him, titled “the age of micro voyages”(JAM), is scheduled
to tour to Seoul in May. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,
Science and Technology, graduate school GP(good practice ) program of
Joshibi university of art and design, representative.

art & river bank

graduate school GP program of Joshibi university of art and design