Production:Haruo KOBAYASHI

Stage:Shin Minato Mura A-zone

小林 晴夫 Haruo KOBAYASHI
1968年 神奈川県生まれ。blanClassディレクター。

1974 January 29th born
2003 Graduated B-semi Lerning System
2005:Selected to the achievement in “Shell Art Award”
2010 :Golden competition (Turner Color) Award

Group Exhibitions
1998:”Rakushikai”, Shouseian Gallery, Kyoto
2000:” MTC”, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo
2000: “Sukimakiss”, B-semi Learning System, Kanagawa
1996?2003:”Danke Osaka” 3rd ~ 10th, Osaka and Tokyo
2001:34th B-semi Exhibition, “Sankadachi on the map”,Yokohama citizen gallery, Kanagawa
2002:35th B-semi Exhibition, “Hotel Seagull”, Yokohama citizen gallery, Kanagawa
2003:35th B-semi Exhibition, “Dog’s Ear”, Yokohama citizen gallery, Kanagawa
2004:”The First Step ★ FOR KIDS”Art cottage [papiru], Tokyo
2007:”Expressionist pep rally”, Namura Shipyard site,Osaka
2008:”Shokudou Buiding 1929-Eat and Modern art part4″,BANKART NYK,Yokohama ART Noren street, Kanagawa
2008:”KOSHIKI ART EXHIBITION 2008″,Kagosima
2009: [GEISAI12] exhibit to”GEISAI#12″,Tokyo Big Sight,Tokyo
2009:[Xmas+night],Blanclass, Kanagawa
2010 :「100Artisuto Exhibition」Ouchi Gallery,NY
2010:「Post it show ! 」,Ouchi Gallery,NY
2010:[GionSakura],Teiko okada+ototokotobako,Blanclass, Kanagawa
2010 : almanac9 “depositors meeting 8″,art & river bank,Tokyo

Solo Exhibition
2002:”Song of which it thinks in The moon”, B-semi Learning System, Kanagawa
2007:”-To the sea–River descending- Yamahiko7・2・7(Temporary)”,BANKART NYK, Kanagawa
2009:[Boccie it is piece how many],Blanclass, Kanagawa
2010:”and that the tree” BANKART NYK, Kanagawa
2010:「It is a tree)」Ouchi Gallery,NY

The project was drawn up by Yui Yamamoto; be born in
Okayama, Japan in 1982, to think the sound, the word, and
the space in March 2009.
It gives performances basically made up of the multiplex
record of the voice, their motifs are some picture books,
novels, old tales, daily conversations, and so on.
It has performed at the events of the poetry reading, the
DJ parties, the bookstores and so on. In 2010, it appeared
“Okunoin Nakanojo hot spring village art festival 2010.

She usually works in a publishing company of picture books
and books on childcare.

1979年東京都生まれ。BゼミLearning System修了。エレクトロニクスを用いて、 動く作品はもちろんのこと、光ったり音が出たりする作品もつくる。また Theater Company ARICAに参加、舞台装置/音楽を担当。国内外で公演をおこなう。2009年より、ときに不自由な言語と芸術の「かたち」を問う、実験的パフォーマンスプロジェクト「Bot-tom Boy(ぼっとんぼーい)」を始動。

Toshimitsu NAKAGAWA
Born in Kanagawa. Graduated from Department of Painting Oil Painting Course at Tama Art University. he has been activite mainly in the computer music production and sound art production. Recent performance with own electronic instruments using graphite pencil was selected to “Tokyo Wonder Site EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2010 “. In other related events in Daikanyama Installation 2009 “hair prayer flame”( +ING 2009) and exhibition ” CityBeats + Live explosions ” ( BankArt1929 2010) and BlanClass “+ night” and more .

He abuses his own body and through displaying his body’s sensations, which cannot be verbalized, he stages his guerilla performances to exert a strong impact. Then, he presents installations as the results.

1979 09 born in Gunma.
2005 03 Graduated from Tama Art University.
2008 10 BankART Bank under 35 Mineki Murata Exhibition/ BankART Mini Gallery
2010 03 Murata’s School /blan Class
2010 08 AICHI TRIENNALE 2010Tyoujamachi area
A lot of exhibitions and the performances, etc. will have gone in 2011 since 2003.

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