A first pubic collecting of ABradio brordcasted by Ako and Bko!!
At this +night, Ako and Bko send a program with the artist Takashi Irei and his work 『Portable room』
His show that started from the thought “If there is a light room to be able to carry.” with Ako and Bko take the comunication on ABradio☆


Takashi IREI
1981 Born in Kanagawa, JAPAN
2008 Graduated from Department of Sculpture, Musashino Art University
[Group Exhibitions]
2008 Art Program Ome – Post Theater (Tokyo)
2010 blanClass+night – Relief in me,Relief in you – (blanClass , Kanagawa)
Relief in you (Gallery LE DECO, Tokyo)

Ako & Bko
Ako(Masaki Matsumoto)
Bko(Hiroko Matsuo)

2009 start Ako and Bko
Mar. 『Weekly Mantion Project』(unpublished)
Aug.『traveliving』(at Tokyo Zokei University)
Des.『Alphabet Basket』(at branClass)
2010Jun. 〃
  Des.~ start 『ABradio』