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Yoshiro Hatori (director) was born in Brussels in 1989 and formed the company Kenobi in 2009 Tokyo. Since then he has directed all of the company’s productions, and practicing a distinctive methodology for creating performances. Kenobi means kicking, first step of to learn swim, in Japan.
They created second company work “The Hand Is Coming Up” for “Kabukicho 2020 Chapter” organized by Kabukicho Town Management in March 2010 at Checkmate Building.
They participated in many art festivals such as “Tokyo Condition WORKS 2010”, “CONNECT” in Osaka Art Complex, “SCAPE WORKS 2010” with “The Equal Equal Powers (Todoroki)”, garnering much attention.
Their performances, stripped down to the bare necessities, are bound to awe the audience and arouse criticism.
For Kenobi, creating directions means thinking about how to live together. Their sole wish is to release the critical know-hows(directions) of communications for all people. Their works’ directions can use to produce every communications, not only stage acting. They sold the directions of “Equal Equal Powers (Todoroki)” to Co. M Mattina. They are looking for a buyer of next work “To The New Inn”.
Hatori produced the workshop “Touch the Dreams” with Shirotama Hitsujiya, the director of YUBIWA Hotel. He has performed with some directors and choreographers, e.g. Megumi Kamimura and Shinjin Shimizu (KAITAISHA).

Established by students of Osaka University of Arts in 1992. Its annual performance, which is held under the title “Festival,” expresses our contemporary view of the world and life and death in a dense space with humor, combining various elements such as texts, performance, lighting, sound, and stage setting. Its works that capture floating possibilities which already exist in the world are described sometimes as “experimental” and sometimes “adventurous.” Jun Tsutsui, the artistic director, was given Kyoto Art Center Performing Arts Award in 2007.

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