“White Moon”(2010 / 60 mins. / 35 mm film / silent)
A certain morning in April / How long had it been since I started to live here? / The kitchen window / Lake Erie / What was gathered, only to be returned again / The days the waves stood still, I could witness what had sunk to the depths / Meals shared with friends / a swarm of mosquitoes / Yesterday 62 people died in a town in Iraq / Ordinary conversations / What was always there / indiscriminate death / To a temple in the North / What was gathered, only to be returned again / Serene light / Towards winter This year I did not return to Japan. Days spent in New York. The 6th installment of a feature-length visual diary.

Students ¥1,000

Hitoshi TOYODA
Hitoshi Toyoda was born in 1963 in New York City and grew up in Tokyo. He returned to the United States and settled in New York in 1993. Thereafter he began presenting his work in public spaces such as a park in Chinatown, local churches, theatres, and parking lots situated along Broadway. Personally operating one; at times multiple slide projectors, his screenings take the form of feature length and shorts of his visual diary. As well as presenting his work in the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Setagaya Art Museum (Tokyo), Taka Ishii Gallery (Tokyo), since 2000 within Japan, a screening has taken place on the campus of a closed primary school situated within the heart of the mountains. Alternatively Toyoda has continued to present his work in numerous film festivals throughout the United States and Canada in the form of live screenings.