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Ryouta Kataoka first encountered Taiko, the Japanese drum, at the age of 11, about a couple of years after he lost his sight completely. He started his Taiko career as an apprentice of Japanese Noh and Kabuki music master Shintaro Sendo in 2002 when he was in high school. He graduated college with top honors in spring 2007 with degree for his another passion, Social Psychology. Now with the national license of Socialworker, he enjoys his career as professional Taiko player, searching for his way to bring hope and joy to more people through the beat and words.

Ryota Kataoka’s music includes Taiko drums, Jembe, Khoomii(throat singing), shinging and some ethnic percussions. This unique style have given enjoyable time to audience.

Biography and Education
2011 Non-degree student of Teachers College of Columbia University for studing Disability Studies and having performances with a scholarship of Duskin Ainowa fundation in Japan
2007 BA in Sophia University, Department of Social Service, Tokyo, Japan with Top Honors
Obtained national license of Socialworker
2003 Tsukuba University school for the blind, Tokyo, Japan
1996 Numazu Elementary for Visually Impaired, Shizuoka, Japan

Music Career
2010 Taiko instructor at Hamamatsu school for visually impaired, Shizuoka, Japan
2008.6~2009.3 Taiko Instructor at Kindergarten, Tsukuba University School For the blind, Tokyo, Japan
2008.5 to present Taiko Instructor at Numazu Middle School for the deaf, Shizuoka, Japan
2007 to present Formed ‘The J.B.f’ (The Jay-Beef)’ with 3 other professional/amateur Taiko players
2006 to present Main vocal of The Plastic Funny Show (funky popular music band), writes music/lyrics
2003 to present Member of Circle Percussion Group SEN, an amateur Taiko team led by Shintaro Sendo
2009 to present Member of Kobaken & His Friends’ Orchestra, led by conductor Ken-ichiro Kobayashi,
with other professional/amateur players

Events Management (selected, as Ryouta Kataoka)

2010.7 Ryota Kataoka’s Taiko recital [Jungle beat 2010], Mishima citizen hall, Shizuoka, Japan
2010.4 Clasical concert with Kobaken & His Friends’ orchestra, Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2010.4 Clasical concert with Kobaken & His Friends’ orchestra and about 30 musician with disability, NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan
2009.11 Joint concert with Yasunori Tsunakawa, professional flutist, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan
2009.9 Taiko concerts & workshops with other professional/amateur Taiko players, Rochester Institute of Technology, Sumith Opera House, Hobart William Smith colleges, Rochester School for the deaf, institutions for the people with disability, etc., NY, USA
2009.3 Joint concert with Yoshiko Mari, Folklore singer, Chichibu, Saitama, Japan
2008.12 Live concert at Kaichigakuen, Wakayama, Japan
2008.11 ‘Yoshiko and Ryota’s Music Lesson’ with Yoshiko Mari, Saitama, Japan

Invited Performance and Workshop (selected, as Ryouta Kataoka)
2009.3 Workshop and Performance at National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan
Joint session with Indian traditional music group
2008.12 Concert event hosted by General Support Center for the Visually Handicapped, Tokyo, Japan
2008.10 Guest Performance with Membo-kun, socialworker/Standup Comedian at 31st Mishima-city
annual Welfare Meeting, Shizuoka, Japan
…and over 50 more performances and joint, including 5 lectures on music and welfare at colleges, 19
performances and talks/workshops at events at high schools/ Universities/PTA meeting

Media exposure (selected, as Ryouta Kataoka)
2009.10 ‘Fukushi Network (Welfare network)’, NHK Education(TV network)
30 minutes special program of Ryouta Kataoka and some other professional/amateur Taiko player’s concerts in NY
2009.4~ Music of ‘Blind Net’, NHK(Japanese public tv and radio network)
Radio 2, composed and played by Ryouta Kataoka
2008.12 Interview and Photo, ‘Clover’, recruitment magazine for people with disabilities
2008.7 ‘Fukushi Network (Welfare network)’, NHK Education(TV network)
30 minutes special program of Ryouta Kataoka

Performance movies on the web
Daich(Great the earth), composed by Ryota Kataoka, at Katsuraza concert 2009 in Shuzenji

Lion, composed by Ryota Kataoka, with Fire perdance group [Harukazehimai], at Katsuraza concert 2009 in Shuzenji

Storm, composed buy Ryota Kataoka at Katsuraza concert 2009 in Shuzenji

improvised session by Jembe and fire dance at Katsuraza festival 2010 in Syuzenji

Trio per Uno I, composed by N. J. Zivkovic / The J.B.’f at Gole Concert 2008

Mezame, composed by Ryota Kataoka / The J.B.’f at Taiko circles Hibiki concert 2008

Miyake / performed by Eva Kestner and Ryota Kataoka 2010